Detoxification, toning and balance starts deep within as you experience these luxurious treatments taking you beyond the expected.  Our body, hand and foot, and specialty bath therapies bring further harmony, tranquility and cleansing to help you drift away into a state of total release.

“Delight your skin with a combination of tropical fruits while exfoliating and hydrating the body”

“Seaweed and deep-sea mud is enriched with essential minerals healing the body from the inside out.”

Black Rock Spa

Maui Mikana Body Treatment:
An elixir of tropical fruits delight your skin and senses all while exfoliating and hydrating your body.  A nourishing and hydrating wrap made with a cream body utter follows. Deep moisturizing and hydration leave the skin silky and smooth. Indulge in our extended treatment and continue healing with a full body massage to increase inner well-being and tranquility
Length: 50 minutes...$130

Moana Pure Body Treatment:
Seaweed and deep ocean mud is enriched with trace elements and essential minerals healing the body from the inside out.  Additional benefits would include the shedding of excess fluid, relieving general aches and pains, and re-mineralization. 
Length: 50 minutes...$130

Black Lava Body Scrub:
Feel the heat of this warm body scrub with our Made on Maui Queen Bee exfoliating and detoxifying salt scrub.  A  stimulating treatment sure to melt your toxins away. Followed by a luxurious honey inspired body crème.  You’ll definitely leave feeling like a Hawaiian Goddess.
Treatment Length: 50 minutes...$130

‘Olu Sun Relief:
Been out in the sun for longer than expected?  Take your body to a pleasantly cool delivery with this bath soak treatment.  Our healing concoctions will soothe plus treat the beyond sun-kissed skin.
Treatment Length: 50 minutes...$130

Bath Selections:
Delight in the sights and sounds of Maui’s beauty as you bathe in our beautiful indoor-outdoor Hibiscus Hydrotherapy room. Pamper yourself or join your special someone in our side-by-side tubs under the beautiful Maui sky. A lovely pairing with a full body massage or facial. Please inquire with one of spa receptionists in designing the best bath for you.
Length: 25 minute bath session...$70


Just for Keiki - ages 5-11
Ask about our poolside services!

Keiki Massage
Length: 25 minutes...$60

Choose your special flavor…
Keiki Manicure
Keiki Pedicure
Special Nail Art
Cost..$5 and up (per nail)

Teen Offerings - ages 12-15
Teen Pure Facial:
Especially for teen skin in mind. This purifying facial is full of effective organics and antioxidants. Perfect for oily or problematic skin types.
Length: 50 minutes...$125


Pu‘u Keka‘a Signature Pedicure:
Rest your feet upon dozens of smooth black rocks as the pressure points in your feet are massaged. A warm stone massage softens and relaxes the most tired limbs while a therapeutic masque and papaya and pineapple scrub brings vital energy back to the entire body.
Length: 60 minute treatment...$95

Pu‘u Keka‘a Signature Manicure:
Rehydrate and return your hands to a healthy luster with our delicious poha berry mask. A warm stone massage with our signature mango pomegranate lotion and oils will defi nitely take you to a relaxed state.
Length: 45 minute treatment...$65

No‘u Pedicure:
Moisturize your feet with this sweet retreat as it begins with a mango/pomegranate salts foot soak accompanied by a foot scrub. And to make it sweeter, you will enjoy a soothing foot and leg massage with our signature blend of Mango and Pomegranate lotion and oil. This tropical blend will leave your feet luxuriously soft and refreshed.
Length: 50 minute treatment...$70

No‘u Manicure:
The island’s sweet nectar of mango and pomegranate do their magic with natural fruit oils to soften tired hands. Your hands will look not only beautiful but exceptionally moisturized after this delightful experience.
Length: 25 minute treatment...$45

Nail Enhancements
Add French Polish

Paraffin for Hands or Feet

Shellac Manicure
Length: 50 minute treatment..$65

Shellac Removal
Treatment Length: 25 minute treatment..$25

Shellac Polish Change

Skin Treatments

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